Each pet is different, and we know how our furry friends’ necessities can quickly pile up. These smart and stylish pet solutions are top hits in our growing pet collection. Read on to discover what pet journalists are saying!

Pet Food Bowl

Lisa Lee of PetKeen and her dog Lorelei try our Pet Food Bowl—available in two heights and colors, and a separate single bowl version.

"The weight of the stand paired with non-scratch and non-slip legs make sure that your pet isn’t going to move the bowls around while eating. We all know some animals are a bit rough (with excitement!) when eating, so this keeps everything well in place," she writes.

"The size is very comfortable for smaller pets, holding just enough food and water for them."

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The design elevates them far beyond the classic round bowls with tall edges.

Lisa Lee, PetKeen

Airtight Pet Food Container

Jessica Kim of Caster touches on the tidying challenges of living with 2 cats with polar opposite personalities, and the increased storage needs that come with it. Enter our storage container—available in 3 sizes!

"The Yamazaki Airtight Pet Container is a beautifully designed container that doesn’t sacrifice functionality,” she observes. "The cat food didn’t dry out, and I also noticed that it contained the smell of the cat food really well."

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Rolling Airtight Pet Food Container

When it comes to larger pets like collies or golden retrievers, the importance of effective food storage is no joke! "[Yamazaki Home’s] pet food container addresses the challenges pet owners face, providing a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation," says Hepper’s Nicole Burdette, pet parent of Val, her collie.

A high-volume storage solution with four sturdy wheels, this container ensures utility and freshness along with unobtrusive aesthetics.

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This rolling airtight pet food container has proven to be a game-changer in managing the storage of Val’s dog food.

Nicole Burdette, Hepper