Undershelf storage solutions we just can't get over. The answer is hanging right in front of you! Why use up valuable countertop or cabinet space when you can just create storage out of thin air with these undershelf solutions?


Undershelf Paper Towel Holder - Steel + Wood

Paper Towels

There’s no use crying over spilt milk. However, when that glass soaks an entire roll of paper towels sitting on your counter, it can be pretty upsetting! Give your paper towels a lift with this undershelf holder. When your hands are sticky, grab a sheet mess-free.


Undershelf Hangers (Set of 2)

Kitchen Utensils

Swap out that bulky utensil cup for these undershelf utensil hangers! Snatch up your spatula in a second flat and get to flipping. We feel compelled to point out that these multipurpose hangers also work great for bags, bananas, and all sorts of other goodies!


Undershelf Tablet + Cookbook Holder


Give your cookbook or tablet a lift! Just the same as you wouldn’t want to spill on your paper towels, neither would you want to splash egg, flour, or any other ingredients on your grandmother’s recipe book! No more craning your neck to see the next step in the recipe, either. Win, win!


Undershelf Stemware Holder

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses getting a little dusty? Turn that frown upside down and your wine glasses, too. Save your wine glasses from crowded cupboards (a recipe for glass catastrophe)! This undershelf organizer will keep your stemware sparkling clean and within arm’s reach for when 5-o’clock rolls around.


Undershelf Organizer

Cling Film

Ever have that annoying moment where you go to close a drawer, but that box of cling film catches? Skip the frustration of cramming your kitchen paper, aluminum foil, and cling film into the kitchen drawer. Give those bulky rolls a home of their own with this undershelf organizer.