Welcome your bathroom to the dark side. Our black edition products cultivate just the right balance of sleek functionality that hits all the right notes. See which items we recommend to get you started off right. 


Rolling Cart

Dark and snazzy storage anyone? Designed for the kitchen, but ideal for any awkward space. (Or maybe you just have a small bathroom!) Our rolling storage rack will seamlessly glide in and out of any space, allowing you to easily store and access items. We recommend using this cart to hold extra toiletries and cleaning supplies that can’t fit in your already crowded under-sink cabinet.


Shower Caddy

Add a subtle touch of sophistication in the bathroom thanks to this shower caddy. Instead of lining the shower with your scrubs, soaps, and shampoos, opt for this sturdy steel caddy to keep all your products situated. No more slipping and sliding!


Toilet Paper Stand

Don’t sacrifice valuable under-sink cabinet space with rolls and rolls of TP. With a minimalist footprint, this sleek stand fits beautifully into any bathroom corner. The darker frame will add a moody touch to the space, while the top tray can hold a phone, book, or complementary dark decor piece.


Step Trash Can

If you prefer darker accents in your space, may we recommend a trash can that looks as good as decor? The covered bin maintains a clean bathroom by keeping unsightly items hidden from view. Add to any small nook or corner in the space for an ultra-refined bathroom aesthetic.


Laundry Hamper

One of the biggest hassles of laundry day is the constant back and forth between the laundry room. Instead of lugging heavy bulky baskets around the house, simply collapse this hamper for a portable laundry situation! Soiled clothes will stay off the floors and in a trusty hamper that is both sleek and durable. Who knew something so simple could be so good!?