Happiness starts at home. Peruse the pretty plants, joyful art, and careful organization of the home of Kari Estrada. Yamazaki Home brings function and style to the furniture and decoration of @aquikariestrada.


C Side Table

Cuddle up with a book

There’s something so satisfying about cuddling up with a good book. Rain or shine, this reading nook will transport you to faraway places.


Expandable Shoe Rack

Shore up your shoe collection

How many inches between the plant and the end table? Don’t worry about it! Put the measuring tape away. Our expandable shoe rack adjusts to the space you need.


Pantry Organizer

A little sugar, Sugar?

There’s something so soothing about tea. Do you prefer white sugar or brown? How do you feel about a little cinnamon in your mug?


Serving Stand

It’s always tea time

What goes perfectly with tea? Tea cakes! Or, in this case, macaroons. The prettier the dessert, the more delightful and delicious. Wouldn’t you agree?


Wet Wipe Case

Wipe away clutter

A beautiful dresser like this has been decorated with poise and purpose. Skillfully mask the unattractive packaging of wet wipes with this sleek, modern case.

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Kari Estrada

Mother of two, creative director and digital storyteller, she aims to create content with purpose, showing the transformation of her house into a home. Through her journey, she shares tips, hacks, confessions and findings to help others create beautiful spaces, whatever the budget. Her mission is to celebrate every small step while making memories today.