There once was a cute little french bulldog whose name was Buddha. He eats, he sleeps, and he plays with his big brother Atlas. Buddha's parents want only the best for him, which is why his parents use rely on Yamazaki Home decor for their four-legged son.


Buddha’s still growing big and strong and needs lots of doggy fuel. In between chowing down on scrumptious meals, Buddha dreams of the next one. Look how those hopeful eyes melt your heart.


Most of Buddha’s day is spent napping or sleeping. He loves a good soft carpet, doggy bed, or blanket. Look how cute he is nestled in this basket, just like Toto!


Not only do these baskets make a nice doggy bed for Buddha, but they’re also great for organizing his toys! He has a whole bunch to choose from, but he still gets sad when his hoomans are too busy to play with him.

Buddha the Frenchie

Buddha is a little snuggle bug with a big personality. She turns heads on the streets of NYC in her little turtle neck sweaters and enjoys weekends upstate chasing carts on the golf courses and napping by the fire. A belly rub and some blueberries, and you have a new best friend.