As a father of three, Tidy Dad knows how crucial it is to stay organized, especially in a tight New York apartment. He’s passing that same love of organization to his kids, teaching them the importance of: 


Putting dirty clothes in the hamper, not on the floor

No one want to live with the person who leaves wet towels on the floor! Start good habits early by making sure dirty clothes go directly in the hamper, and not on the floor.


Tossing scraps in the bin, not left lying around

This little bin is perfect for a small bathroom or little feet. The push pedal makes tossing scraps a cinch, even for young ones. No slipping on banana peels in this house!


Organizing accessories so you know exactly where to find them

Costume jewelry, accessories, and other odds and ends can be their own decor when properly displayed. It's easy to forget what you have when it's all tucked away, so these open trays are great for keeping trinkets organized and within sight.


How to make a bathroom routine by setting out products in a tidy, yet visible manner

Step 1: brush teeth. Step 2: wash face. Keeping all of the products from your daily routine organized in these amenity trays will prevent the sink from becoming cluttered, and also streamline the morning getting-ready process.

“We have fully embraced small-space living with kids. We have made this place our home.”

-Tidy Dad