The Yamazaki starter pack for each friend in your life. There’s no denying that all of your friend’s homes will benefit from a little Yamazaki flair. 


For the one who’s Type-A

Help your friend have ease of mind when it comes to their home and organization. Yamazaki will help make sure every item and trinket is in its place. Our versatile storage baskets keep shelves and cabinets clean and tidy. When everything has its own home, a sense of calm will take over!


For the one who’s skincare obsessed

Aid the beauty guru in your life by introducing them to our top picks for your skincare routine. Our skincare organizer provides a place to keep tools and products organized. It goes hand in hand with our push soap dispenser, which is the perfect tool for dispensing face cleansers and micellar water onto cotton pads. Just pump and voilà. Your friend might know about the newest serum and moisturizer, but you know how to make a bathroom glow inside and out!


For the one who’s always a little messy

We all have that friend who could always benefit from a little cleaning help. Luckily, you know of Yamazaki, which will become this friend’s right-hand-assistant. Prepare countertops for any spills and splatters with our towel holders.


For the one who’s a master chef

Whenever you stop by this friend’s house, there is always something cooking. They might be yearning for their own cooking show one day, but until that moment, give them a sweet little Yamazaki treat. Starting off with a classic: utensils. Our utensil bundle will hit every must-have on their list (and you might just change their life with our tweezer tongs).


For the one who’s always working

They might struggle hitting the pause button, but that doesn’t mean they should struggle at a messy desk station! The desk is simply a place where items can run amuck and accumulate in a blink of an eye. Thanks to our printer stand, everything will have a proper home. Plus, this piece adds an attractive touch to the working space that your friend won’t mind looking at all day and night.


For the one who’s a fashionista

Prep your fashionista with a clothes rack or organizer so they can store their entire summer wardrobe. No outfit will be left behind thanks to the ample space our organizers provide. With room for scarves, hats, and handbags alike, their closet will be eternally grateful for Yamazaki.


For the one who prefers a quiet night in

Cozy PJs, snacks, and a fuzzy blanket? Check, check check. For the one who enjoys a good TV show or movie at the end of the week, this TV stand is a plus for curating a cozy home. Decorate with a candle or incense to set the mood or with a speaker and remotes for a more practical setup.