Though often put on the back burner, with the right tricks, closet organization is oh so satisfying. Beautify and save space with these wardrobe solutions packed with neat features, like adjustable dividers and modular components. Try these 7 closet items for smarter sorting.


RIN Wall-Mounted Coat Hanger

A modern moment

Add a sophisticated touch to your entryway while creating a handy spot to stash your jackets, tote bags, and caps. This adjustable coat hanger comes with five hooks that can be moved along the wooden frame so items hang comfortably.


TOWER Towel Storage Organizer

Don’t throw in the towel

This one will make you want to visit your closet again and again, just for the satisfaction of knowing things are in order. Say goodbye to uneven, tumble-prone towel stacks, and hello to hotel-grade neatness.


CHAIN Handbag Hanger

A waterfall display

Time to dust off and re-fluff your bag collection, especially if it’s piled up in a closet corner. Store them in a vertical waterfall with this handbag organizer so your favorites are visible, easy to access, and most importantly, safe from smooshing!


SMART Handbag Organizer

Pamper your purses

If your handbag collection needs some love, try this adjustable organizer. Move the dividers so each item fits snugly and create a beautiful display worthy of your collection.


TOWER Vanity Tray - Flat

Square it away

Don’t forget the small items need tidying too! These classic vanity trays are perfect for storing and categorizing miscellaneous goods, in your drawers, on your vanity, or by the bathroom sink. Mix and match the two sizes and create the optimal home for your trinkets or accessories.


TOWER Stacked Jewelry Box

Tidy tiers

Fan out this fan favorite to admire your beloved gems, and close to enjoy its minimal appearance. With plenty of tiers to store everything from studs and rings to necklaces and bracelets, this organizer is just the finishing touch your home needs.


TOSCA Jewelry + Accessory Display

Detangle & display

If you often find yourself detangling jumbled necklaces, this one is for you. This foolproof jewelry stand features plenty of hooks and a handy bar for a display-worthy effect. You can even lean your smartphone on the bar for a quick video chat or some entertainment as you get ready for the day.