At Yamazaki Home, we specialize in minimalist closet storage. Save space with these closet organizers packed with neat features, like folding frame, adjustable width, and handled design. Here are 7 closet items you could be storing smarter:


Handbag Organizer

Bags Coming In Clutch

Your handbags are a thing of beauty, not meant to be crushed or trampled at the back of the closet. Try one of our hanging solutions, or for a beautiful display, and adjustable organizer like this one.


Coat Rack

Zip Up Your Coat Collection

Coats are bulky and can crowd your closets. Try a free-standing coat rack to add extra closet space to your bedroom or entryway.


Belt Hanger

Buckle Up Your Belt Stock

Belts are notoriously awkward to store. If you don't like rolling them up or always forget to do so, try a hanging solution like this one. Picking one out in the morning will be a *cinch*.


Leaning Ladder with Shelf

A Blanket Organizer You'll Warm To

Adding a blanket ladder to your room can instantly liven up blank wall space. Not only will it help keep miscellaneous articles of clothing off of the floor, but it's a great space to decorate with a blanket, too!


Shoe Rack

Get In Step With Your Shoe Storage

Shoe storage can be tricky when it comes to closets. This shoe rack is perfect for closets because it's lightweight and has a minimal footprint. Not only will it fit neatly at the bottom of the closet, but it has a handle too, so it will be easy to move when it's time to vacuum.



An Intimate Subject

The great things about storage baskets like these is that they can organize almost anything. Guest slippers? Of course! But, they are also great for separating intimates, like under garments and socks.


Over-the-Door Hook

Snap Up This Towel Hanger

We have a range of over-the-door hangers that will easily and instantly increase the storage potential of your closets. Our hooks are modern and minimalist. This one even folds up, so you'll hardly notice it when it's not in use.