Say hello to our furry friends, Buddha and Atlas of @buddha_the_frenchiee! We joined them on a chill day at home with some Yamazaki pup favorites.

Buddha and Atlas are out and about, enjoying some fall sunshine in the yard. Sunny fall days are the best, but don’t forget to hydrate with a refreshing splash of water! This short ceramic pet food bowl is just the right height for our two buddies, but is available in two heights.

The pups take a break from running around. Is it time for a snack yet? 

Do you need a helping paw? Some taste-testing, perhaps?

Buddha would like a handful of his favorite cookies on the side, please!

Buddha and Atlas are off to a post-snack nap. Simply wash, rinse, and dry these ceramic bowls for another day, another adventure!

A Day In The Life With


Buddha & Atlas

Meet Buddha and Atlas, the dynamic duo of Frenchie Bulldogs who recently moved to Los Angeles. Buddha embodies a unique blend of calmness, sensitivity, and protectiveness, while Atlas brings fearless charm, a hilarious personality, and an independent spirit to the mix.