Want to upgrade your kitchen in 2024? These countertop solutions styled by photographer, videographer, and stop motion artist Zoe Ching help streamline kitchen routines while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch. Let's get a peek of her lovely home in Portland, OR—and create an inspiring kitchen where your culinary genius flows!


Zoe Ching

Q. What do you like about Yamazaki Home?

I like the quiet simplicity—their ability to be a canvas for your own style and look. I also think the quality is very good; I’ve had my dish drainer for 4 years and there is barely any wear and tear. 

Right now I think my favorite pieces are the fruit bowls. They really complement the space and make me excited to display fruit or onions and garlic when I get home from the farmers market.

Embellish your morning routine

There’s nothing like a calming morning routine to start the day out on the right foot—and perfectly crisp coffee filters might be just what you need to create that blissful moment.

This sleek coffee filter case features a wooden top that brings a touch of warmth to your space. A snazzy item that will streamline your brewing process and embellish your mornings.

Accentuate your countertops

Are your garlic bulbs, shallots, and ginger roots scattered on the bottom of the veggie drawer? Your fruits strewn across the countertops? Keep your everyday produce items on hand while upgrading them to decor status with our modern fruit baskets.

It’s a marvel how much the contents pop in this simple design, creating an abundant-looking centerpiece to complement any decor style.

Your right hand in the kitchen

Whether you're stewing, braising, or stir-frying, this lid & ladle stand is a multitasking gem that will quickly become your right hand in the kitchen.

Stow pot lids large and small while you season soups, rest your ladles and chopsticks between stirring, and even prop a cookbook or tablet to follow recipes.


Zoe Ching

About Zoe Ching []

I am a full time freelance photographer, stop motion artist, and videographer. My favorite is telling a story either from someone’s kitchen, in the Chinatown markets, from a vegetable garden, or someone honing in on their craft, while I get to be a fly on the wall documenting it all.

I love to cook; in my down time I am always making something on the stovetop. This winter I’ve been making homemade potstickers, mapo tofu, bolognese, lots of stocks and soups—the list goes on.