The best tips and tricks often come from our customers! We love seeing our solutions come to life in their new homes, especially when you bring your stroke of genius. Reinvent your space with these dynamic duos, or perhaps even discover your own favorite pair. 


Streamline Your Cooking Routine

Ever find yourself running out of both steam and dinner ideas by the middle of the week? This pair might just be the cooking assist you need. This mail organizer provides the perfect pocket for your go-to recipe cards and food magazines so you never run out of ideas or forget that scrumptious dish you discovered last week.

Tack these onto your fridge next to our magnetic organizer to keep your paper towels, kitchen shears, and other tools as well as all-star seasonings on the ready. Truly a magnetic pair for the ages!

—Photo by: Erin Z.

Beautify & Bejewel

If your vanity items are scattered across the home, it’s high time to create a designated spot so you can go about completing your look in an organized fashion.

The Jewelry & Makeup Organizers with flat trays feature a modular design so multiples can be lined up as needed. House your whole collection, from blushes and balms to powders and polishes, and complete the setup with the acrylic Jewelry Organizer stand. This elegant solution adds a boutique-y feel that complements the compact nature of these efficient solutions.

—Photo by: Michiko K.

Maximize & Elevate

Some bathrooms are very cozy indeed, and elevating such spaces may seem like a difficult task—but as a brand inspired by small space living, this is just what we’re here for!

Our Rolling Storage Cart and Step Trash Can can tuck into any small sliver of space and provide the function and storage that is essential for any bathroom. The sleek and minimal trash can is an instant decor boost that keeps the bathroom feeling squeaky clean, as does the storage cart, especially when it’s turned around to conceal its contents.

—Photo by: Czarine Y.