Leave the scavenger hunts to the eggs! Spruce up the home with products that are as sweet as candy. Put some spring into your step and hop to these organizers!


Easter Basket, But Make it Reusable

Spruce up our storage basket with special goodies to make the ultimate Easter basket! From chocolate eggs to marshmallow delights, this basket can hold it all.


Breakfast for Everybunny

Get your sweets in order with this holder. This stand will keep your cookbook open so you won’t skip a beat while whipping up your classic carrot cake for the family.


Don't Be Jelly of This Candy Holder

The perfect vessel for holding items (or hiding eggs) around the home! Maybe even add a tray or two to your countertop and fill with your favorite candy. We vote for jelly beans!


Don't Cry Over Cracked Eggs!

Prep for the Easter bunny can be a tad messy. Set your egg-dying station up for success with a one-handed paper towel holder. With one hand you can simply rip and clean up any colorful mess.


These Sweets Bring a Tier to Our Eyes

A Sunday brunch is always a must. Place this holder in the center of your brunch or dinner party and we promise the crowd will be captivated by the display of dainty morsels that shine from each tier.