Little moments of everyday joy go a long way. Gift your loved ones a Yamazaki kitchen lift (or excuse to enjoy chocolate) this Valentine’s Day!


Brighten their brewing routine

Help them find their coffee when they rise so they can start their day bright-eyed. This simple size 04 filter case can be attached to any magnetic surface, adding an aesthetically pleasant touch and reliable lift for those groggy mornings.

Keep their baked goods and countertops fresh

A perfect gem for the bread and pastry enthusiasts, this bread box provides ample storage space for all the baked goods as well as jams, nut butters, and other accompaniments. Its chic exterior effectively beautifies and declutters countertops while also allowing for optimal airflow to preserve freshness and ensure the perfect crunch-to-fluff ratio in every bite.

A storage beaut for the cacao connoisseurs

Is your boo a hot cocoa drinker, cacao nibs sprinkler, or dark chocolate nibbler? Regardless of what form of cacao they enjoy, these chic little airtight canisters are a perfect addition to their kitchen. Store their cacao items with care, so they can always be a delectable experience.

If you’re bananas for them

Say no more and gift them the joy of freed up countertop space and bruise-free bananas. This stylish piece will not only make that banana yellow pop, but can also double as a headphone or jewelry stand.

Top it off with some chocolatey bites

If gifting chocolates or bite-sized sweets are something of a tradition, this is a beautiful way to upgrade presentation while incorporating something special for long-term use. Chic, compact, and simple, it is a versatile tray for whatever application your loved one may choose, from daily use to party accessory, or even as a jewelry or knick-knack stand.