Our charismatic furry friend is back to celebrate National Dog Day! We can't wait to spend another day with Kubo the Shiba and discover what he's up to these days. Stand by for his sister Kora, who makes a special guest appearance!

9:00 AM

Good morning! Refreshed and filled with a sense of purpose, Kubo makes his way out to the kitchen. Lots to do today! But first, a breakfast of champions. Let’s make sure we kick things off properly energized!

9:05 AM

Who's that licking their chops!? It's Kora, Kubo's little sister, and the love of her life: carrots! She joins her big brother to enjoy the breakfast spread.

10:00 AM

After some light grooming, Kubo's coat is looking nice and shiny. Now it’s time to get dressed. What better outfit to complement this pup's paw-sitive vibes?

11:00 AM

Kubo and Kora are spending some time in the great outdoors today. Check out their foolproof setup! Kora is watching over their tent while Kubo sets out on a mission.

3:00 PM

After some running around fighting squirrel thievery, this Superdog knows to also fight germs by wiping them. High-five, Kubo!

4:00 PM

Alas, he can fight crime and germs but he can't fight the allergies *achoo! Kindly excuse the sneezes, and my cuteness, please.

5:00 PM

After another action-packed day, it’s high time for some treats and relaxation. What are we in the mood for? Kubo always knows which container has the good stuff!

6:00 PM

Let’s wrap up the day with some fur spray and teeth brushing; it's hard work being a good dog! Good night world, and sweet dreams.

Interview With


Kubo the Shiba

Kubo is the happiest little Shiba Inu living his best life in sunny California. He will win you over with his famous airplane-ear'd-smile and then just as quickly give you a judging with his signature side-eye. Don't forget to squish his chubby cheeks for good luck!