Sometimes it only takes a blink of an eye to solve chronic organization conundrums. These solutions make use of magnetic surfaces, which are wonderful opportunities to tap into unused space without crowding floorspace. Discover the one-touch solutions working wonders around the home.

Anything, anywhere

If your kitchen go-tos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, this is the solution for you! With plenty of space for both hanging and shelving, this organizer makes full use of untapped fridge-side space to keep things in check, such as:

• Kitchen shears
• Parchment paper & aluminum rolls
• Go-to seasonings
• Oven-mitts
• Paper towels

We’ve also noticed customers getting creative with this one! From laundry to sink-side, this is a truly versatile item for multiple corners of the home that need a flexible storage solution. The powerful magnet provides a reliable perch for sprays and detergent or cleaning solution and wipes—the list goes on!

Capture kitchen odds and ends

A more compact yet equally versatile option for capturing the nomadic kitchen items. This solution comes with a handy set of rotating, removable clips that make it a handy drying station, particularly for reusable items like:

• Tea towels
• Baby bibs
• Beeswax wraps
• Kitchen gloves

and more.

Filters on-the-ready

We can’t move on from the kitchen without mentioning a solution for coffee lovers; something we have a special place for at Yamazaki! This ingeniously simple design not only caters to the aesthetic eye, but also to busy mornings and sleepy eyes that could use some brewing assistance.

Keep filters ready to go and safe from wrinkles or spills so the day can always begin with a quality brew. The modern design is accentuated by our Tosca line’s signature natural wood, which lends a warm touch while keeping the filter stack tucked in.

Out-the-door essentials, check!

No more digging around in the entryway catch-all bowl! Popularly applied to metal doors and fridges, this organizer has plenty of hooks to keep your keys, foldable umbrellas, and other out-the-door essentials from wandering around the house and making you late. The additional top compartment is perfect for stashing outgoing mail, memento postcards, or your everyday lip balm.

Snap out of cable chaos

If you dream of an orderly desk area but hardware isn’t your jam, this is your one-touch solution for cable tangles that seem to have a mind of their own! Complete with two tiers and six hooks, this storage rack provides just the right amount of space for managing:

• Cables
• Power strips
• Routers

and other potentially tangly office accessories.