As a celebration of Mother's Day, we asked for parenting advice from three Moms we admire. We are proud to share these wise, honest, and perceptive insights on mothering in 2021.

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What’s the biggest challenge with parenting during covid?

The biggest challenge has been not seeing family and friends. My baby was born at the start of the pandemic so my parents and grandpa, who just turned 99, have all missed out on watching him grow up! It definitely taught us the value of learning to go with the flow!

Shannon’s Fav:

Diaper Stacker Rolling Cart

A diaper magician! Pamper your little one. *Poof* and the diaper storage unit rolls towards the wall, transforming the unit into a simple side table. Wheel the unit back out again to pop a nappy from the bottom of the stack. Lift open the lid to insert a fresh stack. The recessed top also fits our Wet Tissue Case perfectly, matching the minimalist aesthetic of the diaper holder.

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What’s the biggest challenge with parenting during covid?

During my first pregnancy I felt this weight lifted off my shoulders in having to be this perfect someone. Instead, I knew my body was doing EXACTLY what it needed to be doing to grow a healthy baby girl. I’m still taking care of myself but instead of doing things out of improvement, I’m doing things because it makes me happy and makes me a better mom.

Robin’s Pick:

Rolling Laundry Station with Basket

No kitchen is an island, but yours can have one! An extra table on wheels! This rolling cart and basket combo boasts three levels of storage. Use the wooden tabletop as a chopping station or breakfast bar. Bottom two levels add extra storage for spices, vegetables, or dried food storage. Roll it over to the dining table or around the kitchen with ease, then tuck it away when not in use.

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What’s the secret to successfully sharing space as a family of 5 during covid?

The more access my kids have to things in our house, the easier it is for everyone. There's so much talk about baby proofing when you're the parent of small children, but rather than thinking about what I'm keeping kids out of, I like to think about what I'm giving my kids access to. It's a mindset shift that means everyone can be more independent and more self-directed.

Erin’s Must-Have:

Three-Tier Rolling Server Cart

Extra kitchen storage just one roll away. Rolling carts have endless uses, from enjoying a Sunday morning breakfast in bed to ferrying refreshments to the living room for guests. With three levels for storage and hooks for hanging, the possibilities stretch on and on.