Want to get organized in 2024? The New Year is a great time to kick off the New You you’ve been envisioning. Pup icon Tiger shares his Yamazaki favorites that helps keep things tidy without lifting much of a paw at all.

Sparkly paws

Keeping your paws (and floors) clean is easy with this minimalist design! Not only will it save your wipes from drying out, but it’s stylish enough that you can keep them out for a quick clean whenever you need.

Classy mealtimes

Step up the dinner spread with this modern food bowl and airtight container duo.

These food bowls come in two heights and feature a clean look so you can match any decor style as well as your furry friend’s height. The bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Always at the ready

Tiger is ready for a walk (or little brushing session) any time of the day, thanks to this handy storage case.

With a powder-coated steel build and warm wooden top, it’s an excellent decor touch for your coffee table, shelf, entryway console, or any other surface where you can use a little extra storage. Now grab a roll of baggies and let’s go on that walk!

Laundry game strong

If you’ve got a fresh stack of linens ready to go at all times, you've pretty much mastered the art of housekeeping. Luckily this Laundry Cart makes it all a walk in the park!

Keep on top of your laundry game throughout the year with this smooth-rolling cart, so your furry friends can curl up in a fluffy towel as they wish.

Take breaks!

Looks like the towels made Tiger sleepy, but it's good to take breaks—and we’re grateful for his tips & tricks! Discover these products below to kick off the new year, and a new you!

Meet Tiger Blaze! A chihuahua rescue icon who recently moved from the big city of New York, to Austin, Texas. Tiger takes his role as "dogfluencer" very seriously, consisting of busy days making content, napping, eating, and napping again. 2024 is about to be SO organized, with the help of Yamazaki Home. 

"New Year, New YOU bb!" 
- xx Tiger Blaze