We’re constantly impressed with the way our fans use our products in new and novel ways. Check out this creativity!


3-Tier Accessory Tray

Who says this serving stand needs to serve up something edible? The adjustable tiers fan out, making it perfect for organizing small bathroom accessories and makeup.


Magnetic Key Rack With Tray

We’ve been making these key racks since before Covid was a thing. Our fans taught us that these simple, minimalist racks with their strong magnets would be a great solution for hanging masks, too.


Jewelry Organizer Tray

Okay, so what if we intended these stands to organize accessories and glasses? Our imagination was too limited, because these babies look fabulous holding some nibbles. They go well together, too!


Expandable Kitchen Support Rack

It looks like Teddy had some work to do, but still wanted to be comfy in bed. This expandable rack can be used in more places than just the kitchen. Use it as a prop for breakfast in bed or on your desk as a computer stand or organizer.


Tool Box

Our fans have taught us that the tool box, despite its name, isn’t only for tools. It also works as a makeup organizer, first-aid kit, fruit stand, and so much more.