From dainty necklaces to chunky rings and blingy studs, these jewelry organizers are made to corral and protect your favorite pieces in style. Find the perfect gift for a loved one, or treat yourself to a little bedazzling!

Flaunt your jewels & accessories

Fan out this fan-favorite to enjoy a display of all your favorite bits and baubles. With an open design and spacious tiers, this organizer provides plenty of storage for jewelry pieces large and small as well as larger accessories.

A minimalistic tower

Swing open the five dishes that make up this stylish tower to select your lucky gem of the day.

An excellent option if you tend to collect dainty earrings and delicate chains; keep them organized by category and avoid messy tangles. *Pro tip: if you’re a collector of tiny studs or have a knack for jewelry-making, we recommend the sectioned version.

Beauty & the box

This wonderfully simple accessory box is the best option if you regularly wear larger items like eyeglasses, hair clips, and chunky necklaces.

A wide and deep design perfect for quickly tucking away accessories, complete with a rimmed, wooden top that doubles as a tray for your smaller or frequently-used pieces.

Need a mirror, too?

Get ready in one go with this 2-in-1 vanity mirror & jewelry tray, conveniently equipped with a standard mirror on one side and a magnifying mirror on the other for any touch-ups or detailed makeup steps.

The wooden pillar lends warm touch to your decor and the double-tiers plenty of storage potential.

Stow & stack

If you have a larger collection and need maximum organization, this three-tier accessories case is the one for you.

The slim design makes it ideal for stashing elongated items like eyeglasses and necklaces, while the adjustable dividers are there to create the perfect compartments for smaller items as well.

Available in two variations, the watches case version is ideal for the watch-collectors out there in need of a cushy setup worthy of their assortment.