If you're having tidying challenges, try our TOWER collection, renowned for its sleek, minimalistic designs and innovative features. Read on to discover 10 of the most popular items and be pleasantly surprised by newfound ease in every part of the home!



Compact, Sleek, Functional

The kitchen is a place where many things need to happen—which means it's especially important for things to be functional and tidy! If there are any quandaries you are dealing with frequently in the kitchen, look no further than our TOWER collection.

Awarded "Best dish rack for small kitchens" by The Strategist, this sleek solution features a sleek and compact yet highly functional design that is characteristic of this collection.


Tuck Away Clutter

A well-known decluttering technique is to stow items away, out of sight and mind. This TOWER Seasoning Rack does just that and more! With an easy-open drawer and walled-off top shelf, stow away your cooking oils, seasonings, and sauces while keeping them conveniently situated.


The Little Genius

A new junior version of our hit eco stand, this small and compact solution is a fantastic way avoid jamming up the sink area with cups, bottles, and recyclables that need to drain and dry.

When you're done, collapse and tuck it away in a drawer till next time!


The Sleek Multitasker

This signature best seller is the piece of kitchen genius you never knew you needed! Backed by America's Test Kitchen, this innovative stand can hold pot lids, ladles, and even cookbooks and tablets.


Tidy Sinkside

This new kitchen addition is designed to solve age-old problems around dishwashing tasks, like insufficient storage space, post-wash puddles, and trapped moisture.

A spacious design with two sponge slots and a self-draining tray, this Sponge & Bottle Holder eliminates all issues in one hit while lending a modern look.


Workstation Reset

If your kitchen is taken care of, it might be time to revisit your office area.

Boost your WFH setup by a couple notches with this attractive printer stand, complete with smooth-rolling wheels and convenient compartments for all your printing needs. A functional way to elevate bulky printers to decor status.


Stealthy Storage

Although subtle, this under-desk addition might just be the office game changer you've been waiting for.

With three wide hooks, comfortably and discreetly store anything from excess cable or headphones to book bags so you can focus on the tasks at hand, and not your cluttered environment.

Best Seller

Entryway Magic

An unwavering best seller, this high-capacity shoe rack is an entryway hit for homes far and wide.

With six tiers of shoe storage, storage hooks, and a top shelf for entryway necessities, it's a design true to the TOWER philosophy of maximizing function while appearing effortless.

Best Seller

The Anywhere Cart

This insta-famous cart has stolen the spotlight over and over—and for a reason!

Providing discreet and space-saving storage for everything from bathroom items to cleaning supplies, and even vanity items and pet care goods, this versatile design is a bit of a chameleon that can provide just the type of storage you need.

Best Seller

Reliable & Roomy

Sometimes you just need some good old high-capacity storage—one that is sturdy, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. With a clean frame, three spacious tiers, and storage hooks on the side, this newly added solution has been gathering traction.

Place it in your kitchen to corral mid-size appliances or to create a coffee corner, or anywhere else in the home that calls for chic & functional storage.