Inside the [Yamazaki] Home of @Brewteafullybrewed, whose tea cakes and tea accessories have us itching for some matcha. Her ability to set up a tea ceremony has us in awe. We love her use of neutrals and natural greens to create a sense of serenity, both in her teatime aesthetic and her home in general.


Stackable Countertop Shelf

Tea ceremony brimming with zen

These countertop shelves serve as the perfect surface for an intimate, relaxing tea party. The whisk is used for preparing matcha tea in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. We love the neutral tones paired with the soft pink of her tea cups.


Jewelry + Accessory Trays

We love these so matcha

With a little creativity and a little fun, these accessory stands become the perfect servers for a tea party. Japanese tea ceremonies are often accompanies by sweet snacks that balance the bitterness of the matcha. But we’re huge softies for everything matcha-flavored, especially these tasty-looking morsels!


Storage Basket

A basket full of springtime

These Instagram-famous Tosca baskets have boundless uses. We see them in pantries, in closets, in bathrooms, and all over the home. Here, Katelyn shows off her idea of using reusable, durable baskets that are part of the present, not just the presentation.


End Table

Plants make a happy home

A side table turned into a shelf showcases a collection of happy plants, which are a not-so-secret ingredient for a happy home. We love how the greens pop against the neutrals of the planters and table.

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