The kitchen is where we eat, laugh, and love. There’s nothing sweeter than watching your baby grow up meal by meal, little by little. Here are some very special pics capturing sweet-as-honey kitchen moments and shared with Yamazaki Home. 

Fruit Basket

We can’t think of anything cuter than this photo featuring our favorite fruit basket. This little one is looking hungry and ready for some lunch! We get a little hangry around lunchtime, too!

Storage Basket

The kitchen is also where we celebrate special occasions, like birthdays! Turning one is a big deal, and is well deserving of having your own cake!

Serving Stand

Oh, sugar! We would give all the sweets to this sweet angel. These powdered treats look delectable stacked on top of our tiered server.

Magnetic Organizer

Future chef in the making! This toddler is cooking up a storm in her mini-sized kitchen, complete with a full-sized magnetic organizer for all of her spice jars and utensils.