Are spice jars, paper towels, and other kitchen miscellanea cluttering your countertops? If so, our magnetic storage solutions are just the fix. As simple as they are, they can effectively create a stylish setup that aligns with the way you navigate the kitchen. 

Mix & match our various options and bring your ideal kitchen to life!

Tap into unused space

Do you prepare meals on a somewhat regular basis? Maybe you don’t have enough pantry space—or maybe you do, but prefer to have your go-to spices and such within arm’s reach.

Our compact yet trusty magnetic solutions allow you to tap into your fridge or other magnetic surface for extra storage potential. If you’re tired of rummaging around your drawers for your kitchen pliers, or shuffling through the spice rack for your everyday seasonings, this one's got your back.

Create a consistent look

Maximizing on your space doesn’t have to visual clutter. And minimizing clutter seldom means you have to drastically cut down on your belongings.

Our kitchen magnetic solutions are meant to create space for the things that you know you need, and love. What’s more, using several of these solutions will actually create visual consistency, which is a great way to counter the appearance of clutter. And sometimes that’s actually all we need to make a space feel complete.

Keep inspiration close!

Lean into the intuitive aspect of cooking and let your spices and herbs speak to you! Create a beautiful display of your go-tos where you can see them, so you can keep your culinary creations spicy.

Add a touch of decor

One of the coolest things about our magnetic solutions is that they have a bit of a modular quality. Mix, match, and rearrange to find your ideal setup—maybe even bring in a decorative touch with a mini vase, your favorite cookbook, or a small ornament.

If you’re all about a sleek, modern look, go with our Tower series. If you want to add a dash of warmth, choose our Tosca series, which feature elegant wooden accents.