The Yamazaki Guarantee. As a hundred-year-old Japanese housewares maker, we offer tradition, quality, and consistency. This is how we ensure customer satisfaction.

When you choose Yamazaki Home, you get to … 


Coat Rack

Curate a classic, chic look

Our warm, minimalist style will seamlessly match any home aesthetic. Our look is timeless: with us, you’re opting for long-lasting style. Warm up your home with a wooden coat rack, a modern end table, or a stylish shoe rack that will last forever.


Dish Rack

Turn everyday items into statement pieces with style

Everyday items often look so utilitarian. We design useful items that add, rather than detract, from your room’s style.

Most of us, even if we’re blessed with a dishwasher, have a dish rack right next to our sink. If an item as bulky as a dish rack must take up valuable space on the countertop, it may as well be beautiful! This is where we come in.

Whether you’re drying dishes, trying to keep your jewelry in one place, or tidying your shoe-ridden hallway, our products create that happy home harmony between functional and beautiful.

Our products create that happy home harmony between functional and beautiful.


Magnetic Organizer

Make use of overlooked areas of your home

We’re not interested in status-quo. We specialize in making niche and novel homewares, like our range of magnetic organizers, that make use of under-utilized and overlooked areas of your home.

The refrigerator is a great example. Every kitchen has one and most of them are covered in takeout menus and such. Our magnetic organizers turn your fridge into a tidy space with the storage potential of an extra cabinet.

Conveniently stock spices, kitchen utensils, and kitchen paper all right next to your stovetop. With the same idea in mind, we also offer under shelf organizers for wine glasses, paper towels, and more.


Rolling Cart Storage

Add more storage to small spaces

Whether you live in a sprawling suburban home or a tiny city apartment, we all want to maximize our countertop space, cut down on clutter, and maximize storage. We all have those nooks and crannies in our home that we don’t know what to do with.

If you have a messy hotspot, consider our variety of clever storage solutions. Slide in some rolling storage between tight spaces or try adding an extra shelf under or in your cabinets to take back control over your designated clutter zone!

I’m obsessed with Yamazaki! Everything is the perfect size to fit in my 2-bedroom apartment, yet is still very functional.

—Emily D.


Storage Basket

Create an organizing system that works

To us, minimalist living doesn’t mean throwing away your beloved knick knacks, it means giving them a home. We offer discreet, space-saving organizing solutions that streamline and declutter your household.

For example, our vegetable baskets are ventilated and stacking, adding both style and function to your food storage. Slide in some of our popular baskets to your cabinets or pantry to separate your snacks, dried goods, and anything else that could use a catch all organizer. The macro organization will instantly make your pantry or closet organization manageable and maintainable!

Moreover, our bathroom organizers such as our toilet paper stockers and rolling cart organizers will reduce the number of trips to your supply closet while giving every product a home of its own.


Collapsible Bottle Dryer

Discover solutions for problems you didn’t realize existed

Some of our most popular items were designed to address small inconveniences, little annoyances, and inefficiencies in your home that you might not have even noticed until now.

Watery counters, mildewy sponges, and lack of bottle drying space bogging you down? Protect your counter with one of our self-draining soap dishes and dish racks, dry out your sponge with our faucet-hanging sponge holder, and address that pile of recyclable containers with our award-winning collapsible drying rack.

We guarantee that our products will make incremental improvements throughout your home and elevate your quality of life.

We guarantee that our products will make incremental improvements throughout your home and elevate your quality of life.


Stackable Shoe Rack

Discover furniture and decor packed with clever features

Function and versatility are at the forefront of our products, demonstrated by novel, sophisticated features like expandability and adjustability. We offer a range of fashionable shoe racks that are rolling, expandable, and even stackable. We understand that furniture should be designed to fit your space, not the other way around.

Not just shoe racks, but all of our products are designed packed full of nifty and helpful details. Our line of dish racks, for example, includes features like handles, draining spouts, over-the-sink frames, folding drying mats, and more. We really do think of everything.

One of my favorite brands, Yamazaki [is] known for its simple, elegant products.

—Daily Beast


Rolling Storage Cart

Choose quality products built to last

All products are thoroughly considered, meticulously designed, and delightfully crafted. Choosing Yamazaki means investing in home furnishings that will last. That’s why we use materials like wood and steel of the highest quality.


Magnetic Key Holder

Take comfort that we prioritize you, our customer

Try our furniture or decor and if you don’t love it, return it! We offer 90-day free returns so that you can try our products risk-free. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with your new home.

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