We love these fun-packed moments from @ashleyjenke’s home! Highlight your little one's comfort and creativity with these child-friendly solutions.

Tidy habits for toddlers to teens

This two-tiered backpack hanger takes up no space and subtly encourages daily tidying habits. Instead of leaving their backpacks on the floor or smooshed in a corner creating tripping hazards around the home, have your children stow them here to keep them in shape and ready to go in the morning!

Happy & healthy snacking

We love this beautiful spread by @ashleyjenke and the way our fruit basket makes those colors pop! If your kids often come home ready for a snack, this is a great way to create a healthy assortment with fresh and dry fruits, crackers, cheeses, pickles, or any other munch-able foods to get some protein and nutrition into their bellies.

Warm wooden accents and rounded shapes

Sometimes striking a balance between the decor you enjoy and keeping things child-friendly might seem difficult, but these rounded shapes and wooden features will do just that. The modern designs are sure to spruce up the whole space, be it the living room or play area, while providing storage and function. Can we come hang out for playtime, please?

Cart the costumes

Costumes are a whole lot of fun, and they don’t have to be exclusive to halloween or birthday parties! Instead of tucking them away for the majority of the year, keep them handy as entertainment for rainy days and long weekends, or even throw an impromptu dress-up party.

Tote the essentials

Caring for a child can be hectic, especially when they are very little and require more attention. Fill this sweet caddy with your caretaking essentials, from wipes and towels to creams, balms, and first-aid kits, so you can tote them around and tend to any situation without scrambling to fetch the things you need.


Ashley Jenke

As a food stylist, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I always look to the seasons to gain inspiration while I plan dishes and create a visual story for upcoming projects. Whether it’s summertime meals, fall cooking or winter entertaining, my work revolves around the seasons.